San Tomas Expressway Improvement Projects

From 900 feet South of Homestead road through El Camino Real

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE 6/5/19  Construction is substantially completed. Contractor is completing deficiencies.      

Project scope and schedule:

San Tomas Expressway improvement projects consist of an intersection improvement project at El Camino Real, widening of San Tomas for additional traffic lanes from 900 feet south of Homestead to El Camino Real, and extension of the San Tomas Aquino Spur Trail from its existing terminus to Homestead Road.



El Camino Real Intersection Improvements: 

This project has:

  • Converted all four intersection approaches from single to double left turn lanes in all directions by adding a left turn lane to the exiting single left turn lanes. 
  • Permanently removed the three 'free running right' turn lanes/traffic islands from El Camino to San Tomas Expressway, and from the southbound exit to El Camino.  
  • Constructed pedestrian enhancements as part of Spur Trail crossing of El Camino.
  • Improved the two express bus stops on San Tomas, and relocation of El Camino eastbound stop to the farside of the intersection (east side), consistent with preferred transit operations.
  • Modified the existing roadway medians and shoulder areas as needed to make space available for the new turn lanes.

 San Tomas Expressway Widening:

Construction continuing​ through summer 2017.

This project will:

  • Extend the 4 southbound through lanes that currently reduce from 4 to 3 south of El Camino Real, to south of Homestead, and add a 4th northbound through lane from Homestead to El Camino Real to match the 4 lanes north of El Camino. When additional money becomes available, the plan is to extend 4 lanes each direction further south at least through Stevens Creek Blvd.
  • Replace the existing 5 to 6 foot East side walls with 10 foot walls.
  • Install sidewalk along East side.
  • Maintain a 6 to 8 foot shoulder available for bicycle use.
  • Maintain the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes for carpool and transit use.
  • Modify the intersection at Homestead to allow for 4 through expressway lanes each direction and install double left turn lanes from Homestead.
  • Provide trees where requested by adjacent owners willing to provide the establishment care.

 San Tomas Aquino Spur Trail:

Construction continuing through summer 2017. 

This project will:

  • Extend the existing trail on the west side from where it currently stops at El Camino, south to Homestead, crossing Benton.
  • Replace the existing 5 to 6 foot West side sound wall with 10 foot wall.
  • Maintain a 6 foot minimum shoulder on the expressway available for bicycle use.
  • Modify the Benton intersection to accommodate the trail and widening projects.
  • Provide trees where requested by adjacent owners willing to provide the establishment care.

Benefits of the Planned Improvements:

Extension of the San Tomas Aquino Creek trail on the west side of San Tomas provides for a direct link to bike lanes on Benton and Homestead, connecting the trail to neighborhoods, retail and schools.  The trail extension is the result of Santa Clara’s public trails planning program.

Addition of the through and turn lanes will improve traffic conditions at the San Tomas Expressway intersections with Homestead, Benton, and El Camino Real, reducing delay and idling emissions, saving on gas consumption and traveler time.

Replacement of the sound walls should result in a noticeable decrease in background traffic noise for the adjacent owners that are closest to the expressway.

Replanted trees will be sited and sized to avoid conflict with overhead utilities.

Construction Impacts & Project Progress:

At present, the plan envisions that nearly all work will be done in daylight hours, with a few noisy nights limited to work activities like traffic striping.  Night work is permitted but needs a specific request from contractor as part of his traffic control plan which must be approved prior to use.  Daytime construction can be expected to require temporary single lane closures that are set up after the morning peak is over and are picked up before the afternoon peak.  The free running right turn lanes from Benton & Homestead to San Tomas will be closed for an extended period, with right turns going around outside of traffic island.

To provide public notice on planned activities and lane closures, please visit the project’s webpage (click here) or drill down through  Please subscribe for news bulletins which are taken from regular construction 2-week look ahead meetings. When there are changes such as schedule updates, subscribers are given notice by e-mail. Those adjacent properties having walls removed and replaced will get special notice, but may wish to follow project progress by subscribing as well.   

Contact Project Team:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (408) 573-2400  

Initial Studies (the draft versions were accepted and approved 6/10/2014)

Environmental Studies and Clearances

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