Road Closures

The list below does NOT include any roads maintained by other municipalities. The Roads and Airports Department makes every effort to provide accurate information and is not responsible for any omissions that may occur.

Sandbag distribution sites for residents of Santa Clara County

For more information on storm-damage repairs, visit Storm Damage Roads webpage

Roads Maintenance Yards  
EY = East Yard 408-494-2750
WY= West Yard 408-366-3100
SY= South Yard 408-683-1240
Other Agencies:  
CalTrans 1-800-427-7623

Signal Outages

Road Maintenance Workers Rise to the Challenge of Relentless Winter Storms

The County Office of Communications and Public Affairs produced a story and video about the work Roads personnel did to protect the community during this winter’s storms. The story was written by Aaron Kinney and the "After the Storm" video produced by Melody Gonzales.  

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