Uvas Road Bridges Replacement Project

(Bridge #37C094, 95 & 96) (New Bridge #37C0600, 601 & 602)

Project Location:

The bridges are located approximately 4.5 miles southwest of the City of Morgan Hill in on Uvas Road.  Uvas creek bridge #37C0094 is located 0.6 mile south of Croy Bridge and Little Uvas Bridge #37C0095 is located 0.2 mile south of Little Uvas Rd. The third bridge, Llagas Creek bridge #37C0096, is located 1 mile north of Oak Glen Avenue.

Project Description:

Bridges will be replaced to accommodate 2-12’ lanes of traffic and 2-8’ shoulders to accommodate bicycles & pedestrians. Bridges 37C0094 & 96 will be in the same road alignment. Bridge 37C0095 will be in a new alignment. Projects will be constructed in stages to accommodate the traffic and bicycles. 

Schedule of Construction:

Tentatively scheduled for construction in 2021 and 2022. 


Federal & Local funds.  

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 Project Presentation

Creek Bridge 37C0094-95-96 power point slides presentation

Bridge #37C0094 (New #37C600)

Bridge #37C0095 (New #37C601)

Bridge #37C0096 (New #37C602)

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