Bertram road traffic circulation study between Alamitos and Almaden Road

Project Description:

The project will add shoulder striping on Bertram to define the travel way. Area residents can still park their vehicles on Bertram outside of these shoulder striping. The project also adds a 15 mph speed zone on Bertram Road.

Project Status:

The project is in the design phase.  The temporary shoulder striping will be done in March 2019. Residents will have few weeks to evaluate parking options and contact the Roads Department if they have any issues. The project is expected to be complete by Summer of 2019.

Community Meetings:

The first community meeting was held on November 13, 2018 where County provided some alternatives for Bertram Road and received feedback from the community.
 The second and final community meeting was held on February 19, 2019 where community approved the single alternate presented.

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