Organizational Chart: Roads and Signal Operations Division

Learn about the organization of the Roads and Signal Operations, which performs repairs and scheduled maintenance of the County roads network, traffic signal systems, street lights, and facility infrastructure.  

Roads and Signal Operations Division

 Deputy Director

Ananth Prasad ​
Roads and Signal Operations Division works 24/7 to provide a safe and reliable means of travel across the county's road system. ​

Roads Maintenance

East Yard
Ron Neal

Roads Maintenance

South Yard
Rene Vargas

Roads Maintenance 

West Yard
Dan Pendergraft

Traffic Engineering and Signal Operations 

Ananth Prasad
Principal Civil Engineer

Environmental Health and Safety 

Chris Ellsbury

 Roads & Signal Operations Administration

Dawna Mencimer

For More Information Please Contact:

Road Operations
1505 Schallenberger Road
San Jose, CA 95131
Fax: 408-971-1563
Phone: 408-494-2760

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