Montague Expressway Pavement Rehabilitation Project

last update: 05/13/2022 - 17:03

Project Limits:
Trimble Road to Highway 880

Project Description: 
The project will rehabilitate Montague Expressway between Trimble Road to Highway 880.  Work will include: asphalt overlay (hot-mix asphalt); pavement repairs; repair of sidewalk and curb & gutter; upgrade of existing pedestrian curb ramps to comply with current Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards; adjustment of existing utilities to new road grades; installation of new detector loops for vehicles and bicycles; restriping, installation of  new roadside signs,  pedestrian sensors and pedestrian touchless push buttons relocation of electrical cabinets, and application of methacrylate treatment to the bridge decks at Coyote Creek Bridge.
Project Timeline:
•    Project advertisement: September 14, 2021
•    Bid opening: October 7, 2021
•    Bid award:  November 18, 2021.
•    Construction schedule: April 28, 2022 to early August (weather permitting)

Funding Source(s): 
•    2016 Measure B Local Streets Program 
•    Road Fund

Project Location:

Montague Expy Pavement Rehabilitation Project Location

Project Document Library: 
Montague Expressway Plan Set 2021

Project Updates:
Concrete work at pedestrian ramps, sidewalks and medians will begin in the week of 5/16 and will be expected to last for few weeks. Existing lane line striping will be removed and replaced with temporary paint striping. Electrical work will continue at Trimble and O’Toole intersections. Expect delays in both directions between 9am and 3pm.

Point of Contact Regarding This Project

Email to: [email protected]

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