Laswell Street Lighting

<==The finishing touches.

The Laswell Avenue Streetlighting Project is a part of the Burbank Area Streetlight Program which was initiated and developed with the support of the County Board of Supervisors and the Burbank Community Association (BCA). The BCA has strong interest in their neighborhood safety. The Laswell Avenue Streetlighting Project is the fourth streetlighting project in the Burbank Area and was funded by a Community Development Block Grant which was applied for by the BCA. The Project was administered, designed and installed by personnel of the County of Santa Clara Roads & Airports Department. The BCA representatives and Department staff worked closely during the design phase of the Project in the selection of the type of pole and fixture, color, type of light, and height to mitigate the aesthetic concerns while maximizing the available monies for the installation of streetlights.

Typical installation==>

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