Isabel Creek Bridge Replacement Project at San Antonio Valley

(Bridge #37C0089, New #37C608)                                     

Description of work: Existing one lane wooden deck bridges will be replaced with concrete bridges to accommodate 2-12’ lanes of traffic and approximately 2-6’ shoulders to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians.  The new bridge will be in a south of the existing bridge. Therefore the projects will be constructed in one stage.   As part of the mitigation requirements, will be planting trees and improving the property adjacent to the north of the bridge.

Schedule of Construction: Project construction is scheduled for April 2017 through December 2018.  Mitigation planting will begin in end of 2018. Ten year monitoring, maintenance and reporting to regulatory agencies will be required.  

Temporary Traffic Control:  The new bridge is being constructed south of the existing bridge with current traffic continuing to use the existing bridge with camera operated traffic signals. 

Project Status: Under construction and anticipated to be completed by December 2018. 

Funding Source: Federal and local fund. 

Heavy Traffic Expected: Higher volume of slow moving truck vehicles are expected all day on Saturday, August 4th due to construction activities. 

General Plan of Proposed New Isabel Creek Bridge

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