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In 2003 and 2008, the Roads and Airports Department assessed the countywide expressway network for deficiencies and future capital improvement needs. In 2016, planned expressway improvements were re-prioritized for inclusion in the Measure B Expressway Improvement Program. This program dedicates $750 million from local sales tax receipts over a thirty year period to address bottlenecks, improve traffic flow, and enhance pedestrian/bicycle capacity in the expressway network. These Measure B expressway improvements will be programmed and prioritized for delivery through development of the capital improvement plan.
2003 Comprehensive County Expressway Planning Study​

2008 Update to the Comprehensive County ​Expressway Planning Study​​

August 29, 2016 PAB Unapproved Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2019 Meeting and Implementation Plan

Measure B Expressway Improvements  - for more information about Measure B click here​



Almaden Expressway at SR 85 - Interim Improvements

Interim improvement: add left-turn lane from southbound Almaden to SR 85

Almaden Expressway at Branham Lane Intersection Improvement

Intersection improvement: Extend 4th southbound lane to begin north of intersection

Almaden Expressway at Camden Avenue Intersection Improvements

Intersection improvements: add 2nd left turn lanes from Almaden onto Camden, provide for three lanes thru intersection and close sidewalk gap

Capitol Expressway Widening and Interchange Modifications between I-680 and Capitol Avenue

Widen 6-8 lanes: includes ramp realignments, sound wall improvements, and sidewalk gap closures

Central Expressway at Thompson Intersection Improvement

Remove uncontrolled median opening (either signalize or close median)

Foothill Expressway Auxiliary Lanes between El Monte and San Antonio

Widen from 4 to 6 lanes by extending right turn lanes and make intersection improvements at El Monte and San Antonio

Lawrence Expressway at Homestead Road Interim Improvements

Interim improvement: add eastbound through lane

Lawrence Expressway at Homestead Road Grade Separation

Grade separation at Lawrence and Homestead

Montague Expressway Complete 8-lane Widening including HOV lanes and Auxiliary Lanes between Great Mall and McCarthy/O'Toole

Widen from 6 to 8 lanes (HOV lane in westbound only) including modifications to I-880 interchange and closing sidewalk gaps

Oregon-Page Mill Widening (possible HOV lanes) and Trail between I-280 and Foothill Expressway

Widen from 4 to 6 lanes from I-280 to Foothill with intersection improvements at Junipero Serra Blvd-Foothill intersection, including a bike/pedestrian trail extension from Deer Creek to I-280 and enhanced bicycle connection from easterly Old Page Mill Road access to Junipero Serra Blvd

Oregon-Page Mill Intersection Improvements between Porter and Hansen

Intersection improvements: extend/add left tern lane at various intersections and convert Hanover intersection to 8-phase signal operations

Oregon-Page Mill/El Camino Real Intersection Improvements

Intersection improvements: extend double left turn from westbound Page Mill to southbound El Camino and modify southwest and southeast corners for improved pedestrian crossings

San Tomas Expressway Widening and Trail between Homestead and Stevens Creek

Widen from 6 to 8 lanes, including extending San Tomas Aquino Spur Trail along west side of Expressway from Homestead to Stevens Creek and sidewalks consistent with pedestrian route plan

Santa Teresa-Hale Corridor Road and Trail between Dewitt and Main

Build 2-lane road connection with trail

Santa Teresa-Hale Corridor Widening and Trail between Long Meadow and Fitzgerald

Widen to 4 lanes and add trail

SR 17/San Tomas Expressway Interchange Modifications​and Auxiliary Lane to Homestead

Interim improvement: northbound SR 17 off-ramp improvements to include signal at White Oaks with interconnect at San Tomas/Camden signal and lane reconfigurations

I-280/Foothill Expressway Interchange Modifications and Auxiliary Lane to Homestead

Add signal at the southbound I-280 off-ramp intersection and intersection improvements at northbound I-280 off-ramp, including pedestrian crossing enhancements, Stevens Creek Trail as feasible, and northbound auxiliary lane on Foothill to Homestead

I-280/Oregon-Page Mill Road Interchange Reconfiguration

Modify interchange: Proposed concept is a roundabout west of interchange, P&R lot reconfiguration, signal at northbound I-280 off-ramp, frontage road from Christopher Lane to Old Page Mill, and signal at Old Page Mill; bicycle and pedestrian improvements throughout

Expressway ITS/Signal System Countywide

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Short Term: Replace/upgrade/add fiber optic lines; upgrade equipment for new technologies; system wide pedestrian sensors; enhance/replace bicycle and vehicle detection with new technologies

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