Active Transportation

Bicycling in Santa Clara County has been growing over the past few decades. More communities in the County are choosing the saddle over the gas pedal for commuting and recreational purposes or to enhance their quality of life. In 2012, the County adopted a Complete Streets policy that aims to incorporate to the extent feasible street elements that enhance and improve mobility for all users and more communities are asking for better bikeways. On this page you will find links and information related to the County Bicycle Policy Advisory Committee (BPAC) and other on-going efforts to improve active transportation in the County.

County Bicycle Accommodation Guidelines
Roads and Airports staff is working on updating the Countywide Bicycle Accommodation Guidelines (BAG). The guidelines are intended to influence the type of bicycle improvements throughout the county transportation network to make bicycling safer and more comfortable for all users along the expressways and unincorporated county roads.

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